About Us

the little tortilleria is the tortilla making arm of the little taquero taco truck. We have been slinging tacos into the mouths of the hungry South West for nearly three years using fresh hand-made tortillas. Unwilling to compromise on the quality of our fresh tortillas but struggling to meet demand we have invested in a tortilla machine – made in Mexico.

There are tortillerias in every town and city in Mexico guaranteeing fresh tortillas wherever you go. In the UK fresh tortillas are virtually non existent which is why we refused to compromise and made them freshly by hand for so long.

Now we are able to open our doors and supply the South West with the freshest tortillas available. Made 100% gluten free you’ll be able to stop by our kitchen and grab tortillas still warm from our tortilleria.

Update 20/11/17:
The tortilla machine is in the process of being ordered. Customs and shipping costs being calculated.

Update 08/12/17
The tortilla machine has been paid for. It is in the process of being tested, packaged and transported.

Update 11/01/18
The tortilla machine has left the factory and is being transported to Dolores Hidalgo to get loaded into a container.

the little taquero street food scene